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Trumpf Heavy Duty tooling is designed to withstand the higher tonnage associated with punching and nibbling thicker materials.

  • The large shoulder punch withstands the higher force involved.
  • The punch has extra back taper as standard, reducing galling and pick-up.
  • Optima® coating greatly improves performance.
  • The die is strengthened by a step on the bottom. DESIGN CRITERIA
  • Minimum punch dia .394 [10mm]. For < .394 [10mm] use standard Size 1 punch.
  • Maximum die ‘A’ dimension 2.716 [69mm].
  • Uses Heavy Duty system collar
  • .039 [1.00mm] radius on corners will increase the life of the punch and die
  • Rooftop or whisper shear will reduce the tonnage significantly as long as the depth of shear is at least half the thickness of the material
  • Heavy Duty punch to be used on material .250 [6.35mm] thick and above or where punching force is over 22.5 tons
  • Heavy Duty die to be used where punching force is over 20 tons
  • Uses standard strippers
  • Tools for thicker plate often exceed the machine tonnage. Ask our sales desk to verify


  • Size and shape of punch
  • Material thickness and type
  • Machine model

Part # 26931_BSE
Trumpf Size 2 Heavy Duty Punch Round .394-1.575" [10.0-40.0mm]

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