Wilson Tool leads the industry with service, quality and innovation and offers the most comprehensive tooling line available for the punch press. Whether you need standard or special shapes; thick or thin turret; Wiedemann®, Salvagnini or Trumpf®-style tooling, our solutions will optimize your performance.

HP Heavy Duty Spring Pack delivers high performance and value for the thick turret punch press, with more punch stroke for punching through thicker materials. HP products are precision manufactured with the highest quality materials. Featuring:

  • Fast and simple push button length adjustment
  • Punches made from premium hardened tool steel
  • ABS machine lubrication capability
  • Up to 50% more bearing surface to reduce side loading
  • Internal and external lubrication
  • External keyways at 0°, 90º, and 225º
  • Optima® coated punches available Relieved strippers for maximum grind life
  • Optima® coated keys for superior wear resistance
  • OEM compatible

Part # 2477

A [1/2"] Station Thick Wilson HP Heavy Duty Spring Pack Assembly

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