Wilson Tool leads the industry with service, quality and innovation and offers the most comprehensive tooling line available for the punch press. Whether you need standard or special shapes; thick or thin turret; Wiedemann®, Salvagnini or Trumpf®-style tooling, our solutions will optimize your performance.

Thick Turret Parting Tools are manufactured to withstand the rigors of high-impact, repetitive parting applications. Like all Wilson Tool products, parting tools are made to last with high quality materials and precision manufacturing for top performance. HP DuraBlade® from Wilson Tool International is not only long lasting due to its hardy design and robust Ultima® steel blade insert, but its push-button design allows for easy setups and the fastest changeovers around. What’s more, HP DuraBlade uses a replaceable blade insert that can be removed without disassembly.


Part # 5728

E [4-1/2"] Station Thick Dura-Blade Driver Assembly

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