Wilson Tool provides a full spectrum of stamping options including punches, dies, guides, retainers and accessories.

The pilot punch is used to locate the strip/part, keeping your strip in line throughout the application.

When working with high demand stamping applications, the stubby pilot is an ideal solution because it is stronger and more precise than standard length pilots. When mounted in a guided stripper the shorter length of these pilots make them more rigid, less prone to flexing and a more accurate method of piloting.

The Impax Tooling Solutions® division of Wilson Tool leads the stamping industry with service, quality, and innovation. We manufacture a full selection of high quality punch and die components for the metal stamping industry, including standard shapes, round forms, and special 2D shapes.

Impax headed tooling is fully configurable and available with your choice of tool steel, performance-enhancing tool coating, and surface treatment. Headed punches and die buttons from Impax are delivered with the fastest lead times in the industry.

Inch Headed Solid Basic Punch

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